Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Bingling Si caves - Buddhist sculptures on a cliff

After a second night of camping, we drove all day to Yongjing, where we spent the night prior to visiting the Bingling Si caves.

I haven't taken too many pictures of our meals, so here are a few pics of one dinner.  The first picture is a crazy corn dish that I'm not sure I can properly describe.  It was corn in a sweet batter that was then fried.  It was really good, whatever it was....

Mark and Christian admiring the food before we really got going.  There's a tofu dish, an eggplant dish, some steamed buns with sweet condensed milk to dip them in, a mushroom dish, and a meat dish of some sort that the two of them ate.

Nothing left!

Laundry drying in the truck.  I'll let it remain anonymous whose it is (not mine).

To get to the Bingling Si caves, first we had to take a boat.  We're taking two of those little ones, not the big barge.

Catherine tried to get out of the way so I could take a photo of the other boat racing with us.  We started out on a reservoir, but further along, we actually went up a river for awhile to reach the caves.

The scenery was as impressive as the caves we saw.

Can you see the 88 foot tall Buddha in the distance?

Some of the paintings in the caves/niches.  Some of this is very similar to what we saw at Magao caves, where we weren't allowed to take photos.

Many of the niches have screen doors they can close over the sculptures.  I think it's to keep birds from nesting on them.

All of the stairs and walkways in this photo were closed.

There was a small museum with lots of sculptures like these.  Some were several hundred years old.  They were found in the caves or in areas that are now flooded when they created the reservoir.

It is apparently impossible to go anywhere in China without seeing some sort of construction project.

Next stop, Xiahe, a Tibetan city.

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