Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Dunhuang part 2 - the city and Magao caves

Ok, enough about camels....  Here's what else we did in Dunhuang....

One evening, we saw a Chinese acrobat show.  On the way into the theater, some of the cast hangs out outside so you can take picures.  For awhile, we were considered bigger photo celebrities than these ladies.  In many parts of China, it seems that non-Chinese looking people are still very much a novelty and everyone wants to take your photo.  It's fun for awhile, but then it starts to get really old.  This was the part of the trip where I hit that point....

Mark and Catherine posing for the camera

We also went to visit Mogao Caves, which are manmade caves with lots of Buddhist art in them, much of it over 1000 years old.  The caves are in the distance in this photo.

Construction going on here too....

Julia and Christa standing in front of the caves.  We weren't allowed to take any photos inside the caves.  :-(

This is the entrance to one of the more famous caves that has a Buddha inside that's about 100 feet tall.

The area around the caves is nothing but desert.

One of the lunches we had included 'thousand year old eggs.'  They're not actually 1000 years old, but are marinated in a way that makes them look kinda gross.  Everyone said they tasted good.

Christian getting a workout near the river in Dunhuang.

The river.  The water looks nice in the photos, but it was actually kinda gross up close.

We took our time crossing this way - we had NO desire to accidentally end up in the water!

If properly inflated, these could have been fun - they looked like big hamster wheels.

A "pedestrianized street to welcome you"

A few of us visited a temple on the edge of town.  It didn't look like it got very many visitors....

Next stop - the Great Wall!

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