Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Lanzhou - the night market and more

From Xiahe, we drove to the massive city of Lanzhou on the banks of the Yellow River.  Air quality isn't very good here - it's a very industrial city.  But there were a few hidden gems - one was the night market.  They exist in many cities, but the one here was particularly good.

This is the Yellow River.  There were some interesting temples in the park on the hill in the background.  I ended up playing someone's trumpet for awhile after sitting in a park just absorbing the culture.  Random stuff like that happens here....  

The night market.  Want do you want to eat?

My dinner one night.

A construction project right behind our hotel. 

A crane diagram

Windows for the building above.

Drilling to install caissons for the foundation of a new building.

Waiting at the bus stop.

I think they sell shoes there....

Gawkers gather every time we stop for a break....  Sometimes they even try to come onto the truck to look.  We have to have someone stand guard or lock it up tight.  They usually take lots of photos of us too.  Thoroughly annoying....

Next stop, Pingliang.

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