Thursday, August 7, 2014

Xi'an and the Terracotta Warriors

From Pingliang and Kongtong Shan, we had a couple of hours of driving to get to Xi'an. This was the last stop for the 3 week Silk Road tour that I did.  Here are a few pictures of the inside of the truck at the end of the last day of driving.

At the front of the truck, Gino kept us up to date on where we were.  Other than the little bit in the upper left of the map (Kyrgyzstan), this was our path through China.  I'll be attempting to put this on a map that shows all of China for perspective.  Even without driving the long section of desert when we couldn't use the truck, we still drove more than 2,300 miles....

We had a nice farewell dinner, complete with speeches.

Gino, Claire, and Jim - our guides and driver.

A great sign in our hotel.

Big goose pagoda.  They do a big fountain show every night here.  

Dancing in the park

The Terracotta Warriors!  This is what it looks like before they do a lot of excavation and repairs.  Many of the statues are broken because the wooden roof caved in.  

Some reconstructed warriors that we could look at up close.

The main pit is enormous!

These are some that are being put back together again.

We didn't see much in the museum.  There were a few people....

"mutton bubble" and "water bath mutton"

Meanwhile, back at the hotel, there was a wedding show going on in the lobby....

Next stop, Hua Shan, an absolutely amazing mountain.

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